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Topic: Kent School
Joe Beokhaimook
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Kent School
on: March 9, 2013, 23:34

I'll try to write what's important to know about this school. Sorry to write it in English and use some wrong grammar here. (I don't have a Thai keyboard with me and my English is not that good TT) If you have any questions, contact me (ex. Facebook, Skype, email, …)


We have chapel three times a week, but sometimes we are excused from going to chapel because it cannot really fit all students in one time. There is a formal dinner once every Thursday normally, but sometimes there are some troubles resulting in having a normal dinner on Thursday night instead.


Most people say that the food here is pretty bad, but personally I don't think it's that severe. It's edible for me (Sometimes, it's delicious, but sometimes, it's unacceptable that I have to order something else)

The food available each day are hot food line, sandwich bar, soup, pizza, salad bar, cereal, and dessert. There's a flat pan for students who are interested in cooking their own food too. (The raw materials are mostly from salad bar and sandwich bar) Frankly, I sometimes think that the food cooked by myself is better than the food from hot food line. However, cooking the food takes more time, so some people who want to use their time to do something else choose hot food. The sandwich bar is not bad too.

There are various drinks each day, such as various kinds of juice, water, and milk.

Dress code

Kent School has a relatively strict dress code compared to other prep schools. Boys wear a blazer, a dress shirt(เสื่อแขนยาว), a slack, a belt, and a necktie. Girls are not as strict as boys. Technically, they only need a blazer and wear anything they want.


There are various AP courses, such as Physics, Statistics, Psychology and Computer Science, humanity courses, science. (Look up on for more information)


Fall Term

competitive – Cross Country (it's a 3-mile running on a trail, which most of the time is mountainous), Soccer, American Football, Field Hockey (girls only)

intramural – squash, swimming, basketball, …

Winter Term

competitive – Basketball, Ice Hockey, Swimming-Diving, Squash

intramural – Tennis, basketball, …

Spring Term

competitive – tennis, lacrosse, crew(Kent is really good at this)

intramural – crew, …


Kent School is close to where Mr. Rorke, the supervisor of the college essay guidance program for Thai Scholars at Stony Point, lives. (about 5-6 miles away) There are two Chinese restaurants and some other restaurants nearby. There's a supermarket. Most people say that it's quite boring here. Kent School is between a river and a mountain.

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